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Welcome to my blog.  Through this blog, I aim to share my personal experiences, knowledge and views with you.  I welcome you to browse through my blog and leave your comments.  If you have any ideas to share, please do contact me.

Episode # 12 – “Teachers’ spicy tales.”

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Episode # 12 “Teachers’ spicy tales.” The YMCA Community College in Chicago offered such a variety of courses that students felt tempted just as a customer would feel after entering a departmental store. The courses ranged from physics, chemistry, mathematics, sociology and anthropology to photography, dancing, physical education, music...

Episode-11 “Love in America, marriage in Pakistan.”

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Episode # 11 “Love in America, marriage in Pakistan.” Should Pakistani men, living in America, marry a Pakistani girl or just give a happy ending to their love affairs and get married to their American girlfriends? The concept of “Love in America and marriage in Pakistan” has not really worked well for many Pakistani young men living in...